Frequently Asked Question

1What is Treaty Steel?
Treaty Steel is manufacturer for raw materials and consumable materials for steel making purposes.
2My product is not available in Treaty Steel products. How could I order?
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3Why Treaty Steel?
- Reduction of costs (transportation, warehousing, cargo losses, etc.)
- Easy accessibility
- Reduce the time required from order to delivery
- Free consultation before, during and after purchase
- after sales service
4What if I don't act at the first opportunity?
Other competitors are overtaking.
5Which companies have provided Treaty Steel products?
Due to the advantages offered by Treaty Steel, it was an honor to work with many internal and external steel makers.
6Where is nearest Treaty steel's agent?
7Is it possible to send a product sample?
It is possible to order sample before main order by 2 way:
1- If you could pay online just go to shop and order online.
2- If you could not pay online fill below form. Our colleges will call you as soon as possible.

I want to buy it ONLINE

8How do I ensure product quality?
All Treaty Steel products are continuously inspected in the quality control unit. However, it is possible to return a defective product.
9What are the purchase steps?
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